ASBA Futures: Softball Tournament Rules

*Rules are subject to change



The ASBA reserves the right to charge admission for parents and relatives. All persons under the age of 12 are admitted free of charge.


Rules may vary depending on our host location. Attendees are asked to comply with the specific rules set forth by the park, including:

  • Personal cooler policy
  • Pet policy
  • Alcohol/tobacco policy

We ask coaches and spectators to not impede the progress of the game. Any conduct deemed of poor sportsmanship is subject to be removed permanently from the game and premises. Any coach/player ejected from a game will be reviewed by the ASBA Futures Program and further action may be taken.


Each team is required to have proof of insurance with them at all times. Proof must also be provided prior to the tournament.


Use of any available batting cages or facilities will be on a first come first serve basis. Please be respectful of other teams.


We expect coaches to dress appropriately at all times. Coaches do not need to wear helmets while coaching 1st or 3rd base, however, the players MUST wear helmets if they go out to coach 1st or 3rd base.


We ask all players, coaches, fans, and parents to be aware of foul balls at all times. There may be more than one game going on at a time, which can cause foul balls from different fields. Please return all foul balls to the proper field.


Our first aid staff is on call in the event of injury.


The ASBA reserves the right to charge a fee for parking.



ASBA Futures requires payment in full for all events. Payments are processed by PayPal, ensuring your information is always safe and secure.


If rain comes into play, we will do everything we can do to stay close to the original game schedule. In case of scheduling changes it is the team’s responsibility, not the tournament committee, to make sure they are aware of the new schedule or any scheduling changes. This information will be
posted on our website as it becomes available. CLICK HERE to view our Refund Policy.


ASBA Futures Tournaments are governed by the most current “Protect Our Nation’s Youth” Girls Softball Rulebook (PONY Rulebook). Only to be modified and amended by these Playing Rules:

  1. Have insurance and roster information, including a copy of all birth certificates, with you at all times.
  2. Free defensive substitutions are allowed and you are allowed to bat your entire line up.
    • Please announce offensive substitutions to the umpire and the other team.
    • If a player is unable to bat in their spot of the lineup and you do not have subs, it will be recorded as an out.
  3. Shorthanded Play: A team must have 9 players to start a game, however, after play has begun, a team may continue with 8 players but will record an automatic out where the 9th player would appear in the lineup.
    • All games will have a time limit. Time limits will be specified for each specific tournament.
    • Game time begins once the home team takes the field.
    • The official clock will only stop during lengthy delays (determined at umpire’s discretion).
    • Stalling will not be tolerated and may result in another inning being played. Umpire judgment is FINAL.
    • In an attempt to play a full 7 innings, a new pitcher will receive 5 warm ups in her first inning and 3 every inning thereafter.
    • Infield/Outfield balls ARE permitted in between innings
    • “Run Ahead Rule,” as follows, will be in place for ALL games (including Championship):
      • 12 runs after 3 innings
      • 10 runs after 4 innings
      • 8 runs after 5 innings
    • International Tie Breaker (ITB)
      • In Pool Play games, ITB will be played to break ties IF the time limit has not expired
      • In Elimination Round games, ITB will begin after time limit has expired or 7 innings have been played (whichever comes first).
        • Elimination games will play until a winner has been declared
      • The last batted out on the offensive team will be placed on 2nd base to start each inning in ITB.
        • A substitute with eligibility may be used to pinch run in this situation.
    • In pool play, all games will be decided by the flip of a coin.
    • In playoff games, the higher seed will be the home team.
    • A courtesy runner can be used for the pitcher and/or the catcher at any time. The same runner may not be used for both. Players not in the game are preferred as runners but if a team has none the last batted out may be used.
    • Umpires will report the final score to the assigned Tournament official. It is both the winning and losing team’s responsibility to make sure they all have the same score.
    • 12U: 40ft
    • 14 & 18U: 43ft
    • Points Per Game (Win = 2 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points, Forfeit = (-1) point)
      • Pool play games can end in a tie
    • Tie Break Rules:
      1. Least Runs Allowed Per Game
      2. Most Runs Scored Per Game
      3. Coin Flip
        • NOTE: A forfeit is a 7-0 win.
    • Jewelry must be removed with the exception of a medical alert bracelet.
    • Protests on a “rule interpretation” will be settled by the Tournament Director in a timely manner. All rulings will be final.
      • A $250 cash fee is required immediately or play continues.
    • Protests cannot be made on an umpire’s “judgment” call – only on rule applications.
  13. Age Eligibility Protest:
    • The team protesting must have convincing evidence that a player is not of age. If the Tournament Director feels there is convincing evidence, then they will proceed to the team-in-question’s submitted roster. From here two things can occur:
      1. The date of birth is in compliance with the tournament and therefore play continues.
      2. The date of birth is not in compliance with the tournament which results in team expulsion and possibly of injunctive relief.
        • If the tournament is still in pool play, the standings will be recalculated and advancement procedures will remain the same. If the tournament is in the playoffs, the current game will become a forfeit and playoffs will continue as scheduled.
  14. The Tournament Director reserves the right to adjust the rules, schedules, brackets, and field locations as needed to complete the tournament. Every attempt will be made to honor the game minimum – however, if a situation develops where a team forfeits or the weather does not cooperate the Tournament Director will make an attempt to reschedule games, shorten games, or cancel games in order to complete the tournament in a timely fashion.