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Avera, JordanPOutkast 06 12uALR/R2023n/a9/15/2018Follow this player.
Bonds, Anna JoMobile Thrillers 12uAL5'0R/R2026n/a9/15/2018Good gap-to-gap hitter.
Calagez, IsabelleAdrenaline 16u5'8R/R2022n/a9/15/2018Good Defense.
Leadoff Double to LF
Cochran, MaddieKamora 14uALR/R2022n/a9/15/2018Showed strong arm. Solid range.
Cooper, NicoleOFOutkast - RoddenALL/R2022n/a9/15/2018Good student.
Good Speed.
Good range.
Downey, SavannahPLINKOutkast - RoddenAL5'8R/R2022n/a9/15/2018Good Student.
Projects in the circle.
Has feel for how to change speeds in circle.
Harmon, Yasmin1BOutkast - RoddenAL5'10R/R2022n/a9/15/2018Power potential.
A lot of upside.
Jones, Ashonte PennySSGulf Coast Shockers 16uMS5'10R/R2022n/a9/15/2018Excellent Athlete.
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Jones, LilyPKamora 14uALR/R2022n/a9/15/2018Consistently threw strikes
Lewis, KendallAdrenaline 16uAL5'3R/R2021n/a9/15/2018Showed arm strength.
Maguire, LauraOFGulf Coast Shockers 16uAL5'4R/R2020n/a9/15/20187 for 11 in tournament.
Stole multiple bases.
Good range in CF.
Moore, AnaleeseIFOutkast - MothershedALR/R2021n/a9/15/2018Good Range. Good arm.
Nobles, VictoriaPitcher, 1BGulf Coast Crushers 12uAL5'5R/R2023n/a9/15/2018Good change up.
Rushing, JadePGulf Coast Shockers 16uMS5'2R/R2021n/a9/15/2018Good off-speed
Ryan, BriPitcherGulf Coast Crushers 12uAL5'4R/R2023n/a9/15/2018
Sawyer, MadisonGulf Coast Crushers 12u20239/15/2018
Sheffield, BellePitcherMobile Thrillers 12uAL5'1R/R2025n/a9/15/2018Above average. Showed poise in emotional situations late in the tournament.
Stagner, Lillie AnneCatcherMobile Thrillers 12uAL5'5R/R2025n/a9/15.2018Impressive bat speed.
Major power potential.
Hit a long HR.
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Steadman, JessiOutkast - RoddenAL5'7R/R2022n/a9/15/2018
Vanblaircom, AyariP, MIFGulf Coast Firecrackers 06ALS/R9/15/2018Good athlete. Could develop into a good player at almost any position.