ASBA Field Manager Application Portal (FREE)


Job Description:

The Manager is responsible for:

  1. The day-to-day running of his/her softball team
  2. Making in-game decisions
  3. Maintaining harmony in the clubhouse
  4. Aiding the American Softball Association in applying discipline, when needed
  5. Defining the role that each of his/her players fill on the team
  6. Teaching/mentoring both softball and life skills
  7. Acting as a spokesman for the team with the media
  8. Representing on behalf of his/her team before the umpire
  9. Implementing an organizational plan or philosophy
  10. Performing all duties to the pleasure of The Professional Softball Club, Inc.



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Read the ASBA Constitution. This document outlines: governing procedures, roster rules, and payment mechanisms.

Read the Player Agreement. This document outlines: working conditions, waivers, duties, and warranties.

Read the Wellness Policy. This document outlines: banned substances, drug testing procedures, and exemptions for valid prescriptions.

Read the Concussion Protocol. This document outlines: accurate concussion identification and procedures for returning to play.

Read the Pro Player Stock Ownership Plan. This document outlines: the Vesting Schedule for player ownership.

  • More information on shareholder rights may be found in The Professional Softball Club, Inc.’s Corporate Bylaws.

Read the 2018 ASBA Player Development Course. This document provides general educational material for a safe and healthy working environment and social life.