Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Welcome to your Pre-Screen Questionnaire

You will have 10 minutes to complete the following assessment:

After getting sick the night before a game, you:
Add all the odd numbers in this list: 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14, 15. Is the answer an even number or an odd number?
You just made an error and it cost your team the lead.
After waking up early you head to the batting cage to work on your swing. Upon arrival, you discover the facility is closed for the day due to a leak in the roof. You:
You find a beautiful new jacket in your size. You:
A new coach sharply criticizes your in-game decision. You:
You have just been turned down to play on your dream club team. You:
Pop Quiz!
Your group assignment involves a subject matter in which you are weak. You:
Your friends suggested that you get together and have pizza but changed their minds when they heard about a poetry event at a coffee shop. You:
You notice a man unknowingly leave his folder behind on the lunch table. You:
You're around a new group of decorated players for the first time. You:
Max needed to get seven new doors from the home-improvement store to his house. His car could only hold two doors at once. How many times did Max have to visit the store?
You are going on vacation. Before you leave for the airport you:
You haven't reached base in any of your previous 12 plate appearances.
Your certification program provides materials that won't be covered in class or tested due to time constraints. You:
Theresa and Christina stand on the equator, 12 meters apart. Theresa walks 6 meters due east and Christina walks 6 meters due west. How far apart are they now?
Susan was 13th in line at the coffee shop. She was also 13th from the back of the line. How many people were in line?
Choose the word that correctly completes the following sentence. Although we would like a bigger office for our company someday, our current one is __________, and we are happy with it.