Video Edge


Video is one of the most valuable forms of information in college recruiting. Lack of a professional skills or highlight video can jeopardize an athlete’s opportunity to advance to the next level. ASBA's expansive network helps you get SEEN by college Coaches who have never had more recruiting restrictions than they do right now! ASBA's Video Edge eliminates the scheduling logistics and puts your showcase on the Coach's desk. Some of the best recruiters in college softball helped us design the platform and colleges have free and easy access to our database.
Videos typically include a player introduction, primary position defensive skills, batting practice, home-to-first, and first-to-home times.
All skills videos will be uploaded to ASBA's YouTube page. You will receive an email with your unique link for your personal use, we will post the link on our website, and include the link in all our correspondence to college coaches.
Production time usually takes about 4 weeks. However, 1-week rush edits are available.
No, there are too many variables during a game to make a quality video. We control the setting and allow Coaches to evaluate fundamental mechanics and athleticism.
Because you are MARKETING yourself (the product) to a college Coach (the consumer). Video marketing increases retention and strengthens engagement while building an emotional connection. Video converts more customers.
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